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3 User comments to “DNC National Platform Calls for Banning ‘Assault Weapons’ & Closing The ‘Gun Show Loophole’”

  1. Oh yeah its coming. You can take that one to the bank. For all of you who give soetoro aka obama a pass because he hasn’t said anything..why would he? 2nd term folks he will move immediately to institute the multi year gun removal plan. Like smokers, we will become reviled by the masses. I can see the public ad campaign the schools, tv etc. Here it comes.

  2. Stevie T on September 7, 2012 at 6:42 AM said:

    As long as Harry Reid is majority leader and the house remains pro-gun, NOTHING IS HAPPENING ON THE “GUN CONTROL” front. Obama is getting a second term cuz the republicans gave us a wet fish nominee.

  3. Look I’m all for owning guns. I own a handgun to protect my family. But what reason would someone need to carry am AK-47? It’s just illogical for such a powerful weapon to be owned by Joe Schmoe.



(and this is what I wrote)


On Mike’s comment: I agree. I own about a dozen guns, I enjoy shooting. I compete in IPSC and take classes. But why does a civilian need an assault weapon? An AK-47 isn’t that accurate- in a comparison with the M16 on the Military Channel, it was shown to be pretty much a ‘pray-and-spray’ weapon, good for someone with a lot of ammo and no training.
I don’t get the gun show loophole. Ten day waiting period here and I really don’t want to violate that and get the ATF on my a$$.

Stevie: Bingo. If the GOP really wanted to win, they wouldn’t have put up this guy. That’s what happens when money makes the rules instead of passion…

Dan: seriously. Dan. There is no way President Barack Obama (that’s his name, not his step-father’s name…Dan, come on, don’t you know anybody with step-parents?) there is no way he will start a ‘multi year gun removal plan’. It’d kill the Dems chances of election for decades. It’s what some old ladies and hippies want.
On the other hand, Dan, events like Aurora and Giffords in Arizona make it kinda hard to defend things like high-cap magazines. If whatever is trying to kill you takes more than ten hollowpoints to kill, you need to find either new enemies or a shooting skills class.
As long as demonstrably crazy people seem to somehow be able to get their hands on easy to shoot, high-bullet-count weapons, tragedies like this are going to continue and Joe Schmoe is going to be horrified by them- and THAT, and only that, will create the support needed for a ‘multi year gun removal plan’. Stop the slaughter of innocents at movie theaters and congressional meet and greets and THEN nobody will even think about changing the laws.

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