notes on Magic

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Borrow Mike Crosetti’s story: the ex-gf using the dukun’s magic to get in the middle.

Sigils: the use of magical writing to influence the world around you.

chaos magic; is it just a joke? or can I use the term?


1. Bellamy and Gladly cell phone conversation. Bellamy denigrates Craig as a big doofus, a guy who likes to smoke  a little pot, play sports and work with wood. Gladly thinks he’s great; Bellamy says he can’t even tweet and he doesn’t even know (some hipster/Hollywood arcana)

2. Bellamy home with Craig: he’s VERY GOODLOOKING, Bradley Cooper only more muscles and less emo. He’s washing the dishes, he’s nice- Bellamy is playfully dismissive- she know’s he’s hot, but she’s not thinking of this for the long haul. They go to bed, he’s very good and Bellamy tries to dismiss the power of that.

(maybe she peppers him with pop-quizzes on issues of the day, stuff that comes up on her show)

3. Bellamy on set of the show she works for, ‘The Look’ (like ‘The View’ only younger and cooler). Today’s segment is on…women and how they need to consciously shop for  a man, like the proper accessory, one that’ll fit into the life the woman wants. Makes Bellamy think.

4. Bellamy goes to drink and karaoke with Gladly. Gets drunk, claps for Gladly to sing (great voice), drunken conversation about the topic of the show today: is Craig the kind of man who goes with the kind of life she wants to have? (and Gladly is always supportive of Craig and thinks Bellamy is being too rough on him, love is love)

5. Bellamy Ubers home drunk, talks to Craig about what HIS goals are, what does he ultimately see doing. Craig is the kind of person who is happy in his own skin, he LIKES his life, the life he has with her. She goes to sleep…dissatisfied, uneasy. Craig is talking about the new site he and his boss are working on- the place where he meets Sofia.

6. Bellamy at show meeting, they discuss the man-shopping segment; one of the other women says she’s trying to do the same thing and she broke up with her bf to look for someone more suitable. Arguing ensues bu the woman defends herself: we ahve one life, shouldn’t we live it with someone who ‘deserves our glory?’

7. Craig is stuck at worksite late, waiting for materials to arrive? Bellamy drives out to site to bring him ? Battery for phone, weed? Craig gives her a tour, huge house, tons of renovations, $$$$$ he tries to introduce her to Sofia, but she has vanished…but she’s watching and listening unseen.

8. Bell and Glad on phone: should Bell really be with a guy who works with his hands? Why not a “hot french attorney” or someone more suitable? Glad tells her: you love craig, he’s gorgeous and you ARE kind of a bitch sometimes.

9. Craig wakes up the next morning- Bell notices first subtel change: he smells….like vanilla? But he hasn’t changed his cologne…

how am I?

1. It’s amazing: you can be so nice and so generous with someone- and then they hear ONE THING and turn into a complete and total asshole.

I will take the high road.

I expect nothing. Nothing. Which is great, because that’s what I’ve always gotten. Still, you don’t ask, you don’t get.

2. Work was good. Kids are beginning to realize that the numbers they’ve been ignoring all year…add up to a percentage and that is their grade. A tiny vicious boy is trying to smile now and be charming, trying to ask to take tests again. I just explain: no, I don’t do that. Not for kids who are nice, either- don’t take it personally. It hink he is beginning to realize that his folks WILL send him  down south for real if he fails all his classes again.

I don’t care. I got to teach Julius Caesar today, the scene where he says “I am constant as the northern star”, my tattoo, my motto. I’m planning another Shakespeare tattoo this summer.

3. My kid DROVE ME TO TRADER JOE’S. And he did such a good job, I had him take me to another store. A bit of a problem leaving on the parking brake- happens to everybody. Was my heart in my throat? Yes. Gotta get used to it.

Matches outline, keeping them short

1. Lance playing cards at a club; he narrowly avoids being caught cheating, but pockets enough cash to sustain himself for a few days. The other members of the game mock him and talk about how he’s fallen. As he’s leaving, a maid from the club gets him alone and slaps his face before cussing him out for lying to her.

2. Juliet’s going-away party; Juliet’s father talks to Emma about the need to keep Juliet out of trouble and let the stink of what happened die down (she was caught skinny-dipping with a boy?)

Matches characters

Emma Coltrane; 25, brunette from Philadelphia. Pretty, auburn hair. Her big flaw: she won’t settle for a husband who isn’t as smart as she is- and she is smart. She wants to live her life on her own terms- and she’d be able to, if her family hadn’t lost all of its money the year after her debutante ball. Now, all the suitors she rejected have all gone away and married girls who were easier to satisfy.

Lance Carrick; 27, from Scotland, wayyyy out on the royal lineage. A very handsome rogue, his reputation for breaking hearts and ‘ruining maidens’ has forced him to the very edges of the upper class- and he’s broke, surviving as a card-sharp and reluctant gigolo.

Leo/Leopold ‘Chip’ Carisbrooke: 25; a rather silly and timid member of the royal family, two steps out of the lineage. He gets by on a family trust, which will expire in a year. He grew up with Lance and is Lance’s entree to events where Lance might not be so welcome.

Juliet Jackson. 23, Emma’s friend from private school.  After a bit of a scandal  involving an ‘unsuitable’ boy, her family is sending her to Europe for some polish before she is expected to settle down and marry her father’s friend. Her family is rolling in money. They send her with Emma as a cooler head to counteract Juliet’s ‘romantic impulses’.

Q: what would we need to do if my kid won more Drama awards?

A: We’d have to rent a trailer.

(And I was about to write gee, I wish he’d study something else…he should chase what he loves. Exhibit A = me, my life. Worked in some things, not in others, next time, i’ll be cuter and easier to get along with).

Submitted Genetti to Austin after the Nicholl. Why not?

There’s a kid who has been a nightmare all year, swearing and sarcasm and just nasty. Called a kid a faggot last week, skips detention and acts like he’s too dumb to remember to go, tries to stop the class by pounding on his desk.

Today, he just had to look at his phone in class.

Rules are rules.