Okay, so I don’t have to go to jury duty tomorrow

and I get to call in all week AND prep for a sub every day, just in case Compton finds me indispensable. Still, even with the time I wasted Friday night prepping, I have some options now. I have a test and time to give it.

To the business at hand:

I am going to do one thing a day, at least one thing a day, to

get better as a writer (listen to John August’s podcast, read my sources, make notes, create bulletproof outlines, etc.)

get better as a teacher (find out WTF common core means and why stupid people seem to like it, design a possible Creative Writing class for next year [sources, syllabus, curriculum, rubric, etc], figure out better uses of technology, etc.)

get stronger (do the Gorilla on my phone, stretch, take dogs for a walk [who knows, I might run], lift something, etc.)

For now, I am going to take my kid to work and then go to the climbing gym? No….maybe.

Do I have jury duty?

And if I do, who cares? I decided to stop letting little things bother me.

Had a great trip with the food club today. Dim sum for 13 and they ate every bite AND MOST WERE ON TIME. Shrimp noodles, har gow, dumplings dumplings dumplings.

Then I took a very nice girl to shoot for the first time. it’s so nice to see someone get excited about something new.

I felt clouds lifting around me.

I just haven’t felt like writing.

Bothers me.

Genettis? I need to free my mind. I need to take the barest version of the facts, slap on some lucky accidents and get that done.

Teacher Of The Year? I see it, I am integrating the Atlanta trial of all those teachers for cheating AND I’ll connect that to the charter school mess (where do you think they got the idea?)

The Deep: what does she find once she gets outside the rim? i think she finds more people who just want to kill her people and take the energy they are sitting on top of.

FYI: sometimes I get emotional. I shouldn’t just blab it out.

a. I paid too much on my credit cards and I felt a little cash-short. But I forgot that I stashed away a bunch of money too. Duh. I’ll be fine.

b. I really, really, really don’t want to go to Compton for jury duty. Let’s just say that if they don’t remind me, I won’t remind them. I have a weird fear of new things (I know! Me, right? The guy who INVENTED new things) and I just have this dumb fear that if I leave for jury duty, I’ll get picked for some damn 8 month serial killer thing and I’ll never see my classroom again. I’m also worried about trying to get a home equity loan to fix up the house. Never done that before, either.

c. A little fragile; one woman, maybe another as well, whom I used to date have died. I haven’t known anyone who has died, not really, not that way. I haven’t seen them in…sheesh, a decade? But I guess it bothered me more than I thought.

So I haven’t felt like writing or working out or a lot of stuff. Honestly? I need to go climbing, I need some air under my feet. Soon. Shoulder’s getting better.