Enough f-ing around

Yes, my spring break has been great. Yes, I’ve enjoyed getting this fat. But:

a. I couldn’t pick up a 175-lb student the other day. Yipes.

So! By next week, I’m going to either have a gym membership and go 3x ¬†week or I’ll be out in the garage, doing what I can do. Gonna start with the apps. Dang it, I like having my pants be too big. Also have to set a good example.

b. Nicholl deadline is what, 20 days away? Yipes!

So: strip both stories down to what they need to be to say what I want them to say, because it’s my work and if I’m not true to what I know and trust about myself, waht good is talent or skill?

at least I did my taxes and started a re-fi on the house.

So I told Donna the story

trying to focus on the guys in L.A., meeting the cowgirl and Carlo falling for her, having to go to Draga for money, etc.

Donna said: well, if you take out Edison, that’s the only interesting part.

And y’know, she has a point. The story is how a bunch of foreign pirates with foreign cameras beat, BEAT the most famous American genius of all time. Took his industry right out of his hands because he wouldn’t keep up with the march of time.

30 days

but I walked the dogs and had some ideas.

The colonel’s daughter tells Carlo, do the math, my dad was 10 when the civil war started. his daddy died and when they sent back his body, daddy was the only one who could wear his clothes. He liked the uniform, that’s all.

I see the girl, the best shot in a skirt, raising that loooong rifle. Is Edison’s thug holding Carlo in front of him as a shield? Does Carlo pull off a blindfold before she takes that shot?

Simplify, simplify, catch the boys between the bad men from NY, the bad men from the Black Hand- and they’ve got a whole bunch of cowboys, indians, an old soldier and the best shot in a skirt. Simplify and fill it with that music. I was good at that. i still am.

kind of a glimmer

they get to L.A. and see all these outlaw theaters, hungry for films. Maybe they grabbed some from Laubacher? Before they left?

They sell what they have to Draga, who is Black Hand.



they make the Bible movie for Garcia and realize that they can make more if they make their own movies. They need money. Pietro introduces them to Draga (Black Hand, and that’s a good scene). Draga loans them money, they hire Kate as an actress, ¬†make a movie, should be well and good- but now Draga says they still owe him and they work for HIM now. If they want to complain, he’ll wire Edison (the wanted posters are up) and hand them over. And Kate will suffer too, he wants Kate.

So what do they do?

Act 3.

Halfway through Act 2 really.

How do i want it to end? With the boys triumphant. Cortland dead, maybe at Draga’s hand and Draga dead or in prison for murder. The boys free to be Americans in L.A.

Edison’s patents broken.

Boys run.

Draga chases them with thugs.

Edison’s Cortland chases them.

A confrontation somewhere out in the desert

Now, throw in Wild Bill and his troupe of Indians and cowboys and outlaws, wintering on the coast.



they make a movie for Garcia and realize that they can make more on their own. They see Wild Bill and his people riding into town and see the possibilities. They need $500 to hire Wild Bill et al. Pietro tells them he knows a guy and introduces them to Draga. Wild Bill’s main female actress is Kate; maybe Bill’s daughter? They shoot a WIld West chase movie and think it’ll be great- but the film gets stolen on the way back to town.

Now they owe Draga and have to make movies for free for him to pay back the debt. They go back to Wild Bill and beg them to make more movies on credit; WIld Bill says no but Kate intervenes and says that they should- it’d be good advertising for the troupe.

They bring back the new film, nervous as hell about being robbed, get it to town- and see that Draga is showing the stolen movie in his theaters, that he’s the one who stole it. When they go to him to complain, Draga is about to unleash his violence on them when Garcia walks into the middle of the situation and complains about the boys working for him first. Draga almost pistolwhips Garcia to death and tells the boys to make more movies.

Garcia crawls away and wires Edison.

Draga goes out and tells Wild Bill that Wild Bill works for him now, not the boys. Wild Bill does not like this at all, he doesn’t like Draga- but the man has money and the boys don’t.

The boys are in town and see Cortland.

And I still say there’s a movie in the B-52s song ‘Legal Tender’.

A young guy, working in a print shop in the 80s. He learns how to print…and then he gets access to a stock of really good paper, the kind they use to print money. He decides to just…print a few twenties. Not a million dollars. Enough to take his girlfriend out, maybe get a new shirt. And he never gets caught, they’re that good (it wasn’t that hard, before they had all the high-tech features like watermarks and the like). He doesn’t get greedy, he’s careful.

So what’s the third act? I’m busy with something else.